"Nak Pitareeze How many times have I told you to stop teasing Artoo and Threepio?"
―Baron Pitareeze[src]

Nak Pitareeze was a young male Human from Kalarba, the son of Jarth and Meg Pitareeze. He at one time owned C-3PO and R2-D2, until they were stolen by the pirate Captain Huba. Though the two droids were returned to Nak, they soon ventured off to Nar Shaddaa.

During his ownership of Artoo and Threepio, Nak would at times vent his frustrations over his parents' distance by playing pranks on them, but later realized the foolishness of it all and apologized to the droids.


The Kalarba AdventuresEdit

Nak Pitareeze first encountered C-3PO and R2-D2 after they landed an escape pod into a lake next to where his family was having a picnic. His parents took R2-D2 and C-3PO into there service and they became Nak's guardians.[1]

Shortly after the Droids became Nak's guardians he tied C-3PO to a tree and shocked R2-D2 with a restraining bolt. His grandfather, the Baron Pitareeze, stopped him and disciplined him for his actions.[1]

Later, while the Baron Pitareeze was setting up for dinner the pirate Jace Forno arrived and told mentioned to Nak that his family could have been rich. Nak pestered his grandfather to tell him what Forno meant.[1]

The Baron then explained that he once worked on a cruiser known as the Pitareeze Cruiser. The plans for the Pitareeze Cruiser were stolen by the criminal Olag Greck.[1]

Olag Greck manufactured a weak prototype that was a disaster. After the Baron Pitareeze refused to help Olag Greck fix the cruisers. This decision by the Baron Pitareeze caused Olag Greck to blame the failure of the Greck Cruiser on the Baron Pitareeze.[1]

After learning this Nak attempted to sell the Baron Pitareeze latest creation, MT-5 hyperdrive unit, to Olag Greck at Olag's base on Hosk. Nak stole what he believed was a MT-5 hyperdrive unit out of his Grandfather's office and attempted to sell it to Olag Greck. C-3PO attempted to persuade Nak against this and Nak promptly switched C-3PO off. Olag discovered that the object was a hydrocompressor and destroyed it. He then preceded to hold Nak hostage in exchange for one of the Baron Pitareeze hyperdrive units.[1]

While Nak was tied up in Olag's office he switched 3-PO on and ordered the droid to untie him. They then stole one of Olag's ships and crash landed on Kalarba. Nak then apologized to Threepio for playing so many tricks on him.[1]

When Nak and Threepio returned to the Baron's factory they discovered that the Baron had gone to Hosk to rescue Nak. Nak and Threepio teamed up with the Baron's employee, Balto, and flew to Hosk station.[1]

At Hosk station they successfully rescued the Baron and saved Olag's life by ending a transmission between him and an unidentified force user who was using Force choke on Olag. Sadly Olag had already taken the Hyperdrive from the Baron.[1]

After The Baron Pitareeze, Nak Pitareeze, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Balto escaped Olag discovered that what he believed to be a Hyperdrive was actually a food hydrator.[1]

Nak's parent disciplined him for his reckless behavior. Afterward Nak removed the restraining bolts from Threepio and R2-D2 in order to see if they were real friends.[1]

Later Nak was captured by a group of pirates, led by Captain Huba. Nak attempted to escaped from the pirates but was quickly shot down and captured by Olag Grek. Olag used Nak to scout out the pirates base. Nak soon discovered that the pirates had elected Artoo as their captain. Olag attempted to kill the pirates but was stopped by a member of pirates known as Ripter.[1]

Nak learned that the pirates were actually chefs who shared Olag as mutual enemy after Olag attempted to pin an attempted murder on them. Nak told the Chefs one of a cave filled with treasure and the pirates released Artoo, Threepio and Nak in exchange for the cave's location.[1]

While Nak was waiting for Threepio on Hosk station, Nak mistook the droid bounty hunter C-3PX for Threepio. Threepio eventually arrived and Nak discovered that Threepio had an X marked on his head similar to the one that C-3PX wore. C-3PO revealed to Nak that R2-D2 had disappeared and they went to look for him. While looking for Artoo, C-3PO was captured by Olag and sent to fight in his droid arena.[1]

Nak then recruited C-3PX to help him in the recapture of Threepio. Nak arrived with C-3PX to save Threepio. Olag managed to convince C-3PX to replace C-3PO in the droid arena. C-3PX was destroyed by R2-D2 during his first fight. R2-D2 returned to Nak and they were saved as the Baron Pitareeze arrived with Hosk Security.[1]

Back on Kalarba Nak learned that Jace Forno was interested in hiring C-3PO and R2-D2 for a trip to Indobok. Nak agreed and the droids left with Forno. After Forno's credit voucher bounced Nak and his family set off to recover the droids. Upon Nak's arrival he discovered that Artoo had been cast a drift by Forno and Threepio had been abandon on the planets surface.[1]

The Pitareeze family set off to find Threepio and discovered that he was telling stories to the native inhabitants, known as the B'rknaa. After an Ash storm approached the Pitareeze family stayed the night in a cave on Indobok. The Pitareeze family then learned that Forno was returning with a band of pirates to steal the crystals that powered the B'rknaa. After the Pitareeze defeated the pirates C-3PO discovered that Indobok was an adult B'rknaa.[1]

After his adventure on Indobok, Nak attempted to buy an old droid from Vuldo, a local junk dealer. After R2-D2 disappeared during the night, Nak used the old droid to look for Artoo. Upon discovery of Artoo's location Nak accidentally knocked Vuldo unconscious. Nak learned that Vuldo had forced the town's baby sitters Q-E and 2-E to manufacture blasters.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Nak was very compulsive and usually acted on impulse instead of thinking his actions through as seen with his sudden decision to escape on a speeder bike. He was also very mischievous and did not follow direction well which can be seen with his decision to sell his grandfather's hyperdrive unit.



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