Nal Kenuun's podracer was a Keizar-Volvec KV9T9-B Wasp Podracer piloted by the Rebel Luke Skywalker, though the Podracer itself was owned by the Muun gambler Nal Kenuun. In 0 ABY, after the battle of Yavin, Kenuun's original Podracing pilot Grunta was killed by Skywalker. The Rebel was captured by Kenuun and in exchange for his and his companion's lives, Skywalker offered to race for Kenuun. While practicing for the race, Grunta's Podracer had a malfunction with its defective current filter. The Podracer shot into an out of control spin before crashing into the ground, completely destroying the vehicle. Unhurt, Skywalker asked for another Podracer and he was given Nal Kenuun's Podracer, which he used to win the race.