Nam Beroya was a Human male Mandalorian warrior and the chieftain of Clan Awaud during the Clone Wars. A man of traditional Mandalorian warrior ways, he cared very little of politics and saw little future between Duchess Satine's New Mandalorians and the violent Death Watch led by Pre Vizsla. He finally grew tired of the feud between the two groups and led his clan off world, taking them to Vlemoth Port. There they started a new life for the warriors that chose follow him. He continued to serve as Awaud's Chieftain until he was captured by Zygerrian slavers when defending a tribe of Talz allies. He was forced to fight in the the gladiatorial arena for the amusement of his Zygerrian master, Prince Sono Molec. He went undefeated for two years after his capture, earning the nickname the "Prince's Sword."