"Behold the divine Princess Nampi of Orooturoo, infidel numps!"
―Nampi's guard[src]

Nampi was a female of a species native to the planet Orooturoo.



The death of Nampi.

Nampi trapped Jabba Desilijic Tiure and his crew aboard a Nuffin freighter she owned. Nampi ate Jabba's top aide, Scuppa, to take him as her husband. Orooturooan mating rituals involved the female eating the male. Jabba killed her, of course. But it was because Jabba put an explosive inside Scuppa's head so he could explode him if he betrayed Jabba. When Nampi ate Scuppa, the explosive vial was in her stomach. Jabba set off the explosive, which caused Nampi to explode. After Nampi's death, Jabba took her starship to Cabrool Nuum and tried to give it to him.

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