"Dooku? Oh, yes, of course. Absolutely. He's a good friend of mine. Let me give him a call."
―Nan Mercador[src]

Nan Mercador was the proprietor of a drinking establishment on Coruscant known as the Golden Cuff Tavern. Throughout his long career, Nan developed a network of contacts within the bounty hunter community and used his bar as a stopgap locale for luring wanted marks to their doom.


Shortly after the First Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, the young orphan known as Boba Fett entered Nan’s bar inquiring about a man named Dooku. Ironically, Dooku had likewise developed an interest in young Boba and hired several bounty hunters to capture him. Mercador secretly contacted two of his allies, a Diollan and a Rodian bounty hunter, and told them where they could find Boba. He stalled Boba at the Golden Cuff with free cups of juice while he waited for the mercenaries to arrive. However, upon discovering how much Boba was worth, Nan decided to claim the bounty for himself. He grabbed Boba Fett and dragged him behind the bar. Boba struggled with the larger man and managed to free himself by kicking at one of the overhead light fixtures, sending a rain of glass down on top of Nan’s head. Moments later, another bounty hunter named Aurra Sing entered the tavern and blasted Mercador in the back with a stun weapon. She grabbed Boba and claimed the bounty on him.

Physical appearanceEdit

Nan Mercador was a male humanoid with dark crimson skin and four arms.


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