The nano-star was a strange type of droid inhabiting the seas of Mon Calamari.


The nano-stars were clearly artificial in origin, although their microcircuitry was water-sealed and its purpose a mystery. Each star was flat and pentagonal in shape, half a meter in diameter. From each of the star's five corners five small metallic tentacles appeared, although they were not used for movement; nano-stars propelled themselves through water with a number of flexible screws.

Nano-stars did not appear to eat. They protected themselves by zapping an electric current through water if they felt threatened. Nano-stars were assumed to be able to construct new nano-stars, although this process was never witnessed. However, several million nano-stars were believed to exist in the seas of Mon Calamari.


The first appearance of a nano-star took place on the seas near Foamwander City, soon after a colossal metallic sphere descended from the sky, dropped something in the ocean and then vanished again. Fish-catchers netted the first nano-star soon after this had taken place. The origin of the UFO was not explained and experts were confused.

They were embryo versions of the Silentium; the metallic sphere fitted their description, and the nano-stars themselves resembled tiny versions of Vuffi Raa.

Behind the scenesEdit

In his blog entry for The New Essential Guide to Droids, Dan Wallace confirms that the nano-stars were "embryo versions of Vuffi's species".[1]


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