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The nanogene spore was a technovirus capable of transforming living beings into part-machine, part organic hybrids called technobeasts. During the New Sith Wars, a Sith Lord known as Belia Darzu developed the virus using a combination of Sith alchemy and a Force technique called mechu-deru.[1] The virus consisted of microscopic nanogene droids—also known as "seeds"—that were capable of infecting victims through skin contact or inhalation.[3][2]

Upon infection, the nanogene seeds would consume living tissue, replicating themselves within minutes while simultaneously growing metallic tumors on the body of the victim. Throughout the infection, the virus instinctively moved towards the brain of the subject and lobotomized their frontal lobe, rendering the victim incapable of higher thought. By this point, the transformation of the subject into a technobeast was complete and irreversible.[1]

It was possible for an infected individual to halt the transformation through the power of the Force, as demonstrated by a Jedi Knight known as the "technobeast Jedi".[4] In addition, the nanogene seeds could be purged from the victim's body through some form of intense heat, a feat accomplished by Darth Bane with the aid of the orbalisk parasites on his armor.[2]



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