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Nar Haaska was a rarely visited trade world[4] that was located within the Nar Haaska system of the galaxy's Hutt Space region[1] and lay on a hyperlane that connected it to the planets of Saqqar and Droxu.[2] Nar Haaska was located within the territory controlled by the Hutt species at least as early as the year 25,000 BBY,[5] and the area of space surrounding the planet was considered well-explored by 8000 BBY.[5] The population of the Nar Haaska system around the year 25 ABY was between 500 million to 1 billion.[3] At some point between 26 ABY and 27 ABY, the Nar Haaska system was attacked by the military forces of the extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong species during their conquest of the galaxy,[6] and the star system was held under the control of those invaders until at least 27 ABY.[7]

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Nar Haaska was first mentioned in The Essential Atlas—a 2009 reference book co-authored by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace—which placed the planet in grid square T-11.


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