"There are no better slavers in the galaxy."
―Maro Vizhen. — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance was a criminal organization of slavers that existed in the years of the Cold War. The rise of these slavers rose after the rapid expansion of the Sith Empire led to an increased demand in the number of potential buyers. Thus, whilst slavery was banned in the Galactic Republic, this profitable market led to numerous organizations such as the Hutt Cartel along with the Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance turned Nar Shaddaa as the galaxy premier location for slavers to display and sell their products.

In this era, Maro Vizhen of the Imperial Diplomatic Service attempted to cultivate allies for the Sith Empire on Nar Shaddaa amongst the criminal underworld. These allies consisted of the Nar Shaddaa Labor Alliance, Godoba the Hutt who owned the Club Vertica Casino and the DX annihilator network who formed the Shadow Syndicate. However, these efforts were opposed by Ukabi who was in charge of the local Exchange forces. In this time, Vaarko Tiyai served as Cho'mash of the Alliance.