Nar Shaddaa swoop racing.

The Nar Shaddaa swoop track was a course developed from Nar Shaddaa's old sewer system beneath the city; its circuit ran under the Refugee Sector, around the methane bar and through the docks. Some swoop racers from other planets considered this track to be one of the most difficult due to the various obstacles and dangers facing a swoop racer.[1]

One obstacle came from the fan blasts from the still-active sewer vents. These blasts of air were strong enough to throw a swoop bike in the opposite direction from which the fans were blowing. Another hazard presented itself on account of the track running through the docks; on any given day there was the possibility of heavy loaders obstructing the course while in the process of moving cargo. However, the greatest danger came from the fact that the track held mutiple races simultaneously. One swoop racing circuit owner, Lupo Shar, took advantage of this and ran his races backwards. Subsequently, a swoop racer had to be alert for racers approaching from the opposite direction.


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