Naradan D'ulin was a Mistryl Shadow Guard. She worked in the guard of Princess Foolookoola in 33 BBY, and distrusted Devaronians. She had black hair, and was possibly an ancestor of Karoly D'ulin.


After the coup in the royal house of Ootoola were executed by a group of insurgent Ootoolaner purists, Naradan was able to survive along with Foolookoola and Major Sabon. Vilmarh Grahrk, Devaronian smuggler was hired to protect her for her destination. D'Ulin had serious reservations about Grahrk as they had since she doesn't trust him that much.

While operating, Naradan and Vilmarh were found by the purists and taken as prisoners, but they were released and brought to safety to Major Sabon. D'Ulin remained after the trip on the side of the princess, to protect her further.

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