"Well, it's the hardest piece of clear space I've ever encountered. Damage report!"
―Narek-Ag, responding to Trebor's assertion that there was nothing but clear space ahead of them when the Moon Dash crashed into an unknown object[src]

Narek-Ag was a female Human who was captain of the Moon Dash and by extension, in charge of the small-time shipping operation that the cargo shuttle comprised the backbone of. Her work consisted of making deals with those who had cargo to move and then ferrying the cargo to its destination with Trebor, her copilot with whom she was romantically involved.


In 23 ABY, Nareg-Ag and Trebor departed from Coruscant One with a full load of cargo destined for Cloud City. While accelerating to hyperspace, the Moon Dash collided with the upper docking tower of the Shadow Academy, which had been cloaked at the time and thus undetectable.

The impact of the collision had caused a breach in the Moon Dash's hull, but that would turn out to be the least of their worries for the impact had also damaged the small shuttle's hyperdrive engines. A chain reaction built up inside the chambers of the engines, which would result in the destruction of Moon Dash and the deaths of Trebor and Narek-Ag.



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