Narek Manor was the residence of the Narek family, a patrician bloodline of Ord Radama. Like a number of the oldest families' manors, that four-story residence lay about four kilometers from the edge of Livien Magnus, the capital city of Ord Radama.[1]


Narek Manor floorplan

A map of Narek Manor

Narek Manor had a symmetrical design, built around a central structure that contained a foyer, a ballroom, and a grand gallery. The left wing contained a library, a salon, the West and South bedrooms, and a vast study. The right wing housed a kitchen, a dining room, the East and North bedrooms, the master bathroom, and the master bedroom.[1]

Like all similar residences, Narek Manor was made of the finest marble, and its grounds encompassed between two and four hectares. It sat near a beautiful lake, and had its own landing pad, capable of accommodating starships as large as YT-1300 light freighters.[1]


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