"How many of you are there?"
"Thirty-seven. But Naria's with child, so it will soon be thirty-eight."
―The Emperor and Drua, who was unaware of the Sith Lord's identity[src]

Naria was a female Twi'lek from Ryloth who resided in a remote village. By the time Drua, a fellow villager, welcomed the Sith Lords Darth Sidious and Darth Vader to the village—unaware of their true identities—Naria was expecting a child, bringing the total number of villagers in her home to thirty-eight. Unbeknown to Naria or the other villagers, the Sith Lords were on a mission to quell the Free Ryloth movement, and soon Naria and the other villagers witnessed a skirmish between the two factions. To leave no witnesses to the events that transpired, Sidious—the Galactic Emperor—commanded Vader to kill every last villager, including Naria and her unborn child.[1]


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