"Narj climb tall Highmount Slopes over Highmount Ridge, looking for vantage. Accidentally find group living atop mountain. Narj lost arm to tooth and claw. Will take time to regrow."
Brek's notes[src]

Narj was a Trandoshan who joined the Warstalkers, a former mercenary group of Trandoshans that was led by Qyzen Fess during the era in which the Eternal Empire controlled the galaxy. In his efforts to teach his students about the Trandoshan goddess Scorekeeper and the glory of the hunt, Qyzen brought Narj and other Warstalkers to the planet Hoth to hunt beasts worthy of rewarding jagannath points. Narj scouted the Highmount Ridge and lost an arm to the beasts living atop the Highmount Slopes, though the Trandoshan's limb would eventually grow back.[1]


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