The Narrow Margin in Coronet City

"Control, shuttle Narrow Margin. We are gear up and on our way to our next rally. May the Force be with you."
―Shuttle Narrow Margin[src]

The Narrow Margin was a shuttle used by the Rebel Alliance. Rebel hero Luke Skywalker used this ship to travel to the cities of Coronet and Theed. Accompanied by a group of commandos, he tried to gather support for the Alliance and recruited soldiers for dangerous missions against the Empire.

Behind the scene Edit

In Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies Luke Skywalker periodically lands in this shuttle in the cities of Coronet and Theed and gives out missions to Rebel players. During his arrival and departure, nearby players receive a message from the Narrow Margin to flight control announcing the ship's arrival/departure.


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