Narvaxx was a four-legged non-sentient species living in the galaxy. Several captured Narvaxx were used by Doctor Sannus Lorrick in his experiments wtih the Rakghoul plague in his base on Ord Mantell. A giant infected Narvaxx called Toxxun was spotted during the Rakghoul pandemic in the Coronet City on Corellia.

Behind the scenesEdit

Narvaxx were created for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Content in game files indicated that Narvaxx were intended to appear as the wildlife on Denova and also provide a depiction of an unaltered Narvaxx. The only Narvaxx who appear in the actual game are infected with the Rakghoul plague, during the "Lost Island" flashpoint as a Rakghoul Event World Boss on Corellia.


Notes and referencesEdit