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Nashira was a female Human Fallanassi during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


Nashira's people, the Fallanassi, were an order devoted to the service of the White Current, a power the rest of the galaxy knew more commonly as the Force. The ability of the Fallanassi to create immense illusions concerned then-Chancellor Palpatine, and after he declared himself Emperor, they became one of the first groups to be targeted. Luckily, the illusions also helped them hide their presence—until one of their own sold out their location to the Empire.

The leader of the Fallanassi, Wialu, eventually became aware of the treachery and the traitor, a young woman named Isela Talsava, was exiled from the Fallanassi forever. However, Wialu offered to allow Talsava's daughter Akanah to stay with the Fallanassi. Talsava refused and fled to the world of Carratos.

Some time later, Talsava changed her mind and contacted the Fallanassi about helping train Akanah in the practice of the White Current. Wialu sent Nashira to aide Talsava in teaching her daughter. Soon after Akanah was formally inducted into the Fallanassi circle, Nashira left the planet, leaving the completion of Akanah's training to her mother. Her fate after that remained unknown.

Years later, prior to the Black Fleet Crisis in 16 ABY, Akanah used Nashira's name to trick Jedi Master Luke Skywalker to help her. Akanah, who was tracking her people from whom she had been separated, told Luke that his mother, "Nashira", had been a Fallanassi. Eager to learn more about the mother he had never known, Luke accompanied Akanah on her search.



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