Natala Yooms, known by her family as Nat, was a Human female who lived during the Great Galactic War. Yooms was the sister of Val, who died in an airspeeder accident prior to the Battle of Alderaan. As a result, she became the guardian of Val's daughter Arra while the girl's father, Zeerid Korr, worked as a smuggler to pay her medical bills. Natala disliked the fact that Zeerid was forced to do illegal work to provide for them, and she worked hard on Vulta, although she was unable to make enough to buy a decent living space. Her relationship to Zeerid was strained, but they both worked their hardest to provide Arra with what they could. When Zeerid briefly returned to Vulta and gave Arra a hoverchair, Natala appreciated the gift and recognized that he truly meant to provide his daughter with a good life.

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