"The way I saw Juno at the very beginning in The Force Unleashed is that she was this girl who was brought up in a strict, regimented way: you go to school, you get good grades, and you live life in a certain way. She was focused, almost to a fault, extremely intelligent, and she rose through the Imperial ranks very quickly. During the course of The Force Unleashed the rug gets pulled out from under her. She's branded a traitor, she's lost her way to a degree, and for the first time in her life she's unsure of herself. Yet at the same time, this guy comes along and she begins to have genuine feelings —romantic feelings— for him; feelings she's never had for another human being."
―Nathalie Cox[src]

Nathalie Cox is an English actress and model. While Cox has done many films, her appearance in the movie Kingdom of Heaven is what got her involved in the Star Wars universe.


Captain Juno Eclipse

Through motion capture and voice work, she portrayed the role of Juno Eclipse in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. She was on The Force Unleashed panel along with her co-star Sam Witwer at Celebration IV.

Before and after The Force Unleashed, she starred in three films with people who have worked in the Star Wars universe. She appeared in Kingdom of Heaven along with Irish actor Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon Jinn). She next made a cameo appearance in Jumper starring Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker in Episode II and Episode III) and Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu). She later starred alongside Liam Neeson again, as well as Mads Mikkelsen (Galen Erso), in the film Clash of the Titans.


Year Title Role Other notes
2014 Scar Tissue Tracey Announced
2013 Saturday Nat Short movie - Announced
2013 The Double Jack's wife
2013 Pramface Cally TV series
2012 The Poison Tree Jules Capel TV miniseries
2012 Shadow Boxer Mervi Short movie
2012 The Devil's Dosh Lucy Short movie
2011 Pete Versus Life Lottie Beaumont TV series
2010 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Juno Eclipse Video game
2010 The IT Crowd Julia TV series
2010 Clash of the Titans Artemis
2010 Mr. Nice Opium Girl
2009 Midsomer Murders Tallis Filby TV series
2009 Exam Blonde
2009 Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire Lilith TV series
2008 Fracture Unknown role Video game (voice)
2008 How to Lose Friends & Alienate People Woman in Bar
2008 Mutual Friends Katie TV series
2008 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Juno Eclipse Video game
2008 Jumper English Beauty
2007 The Bill Cindy Statham TV series
2007 La Vie en Rose Pin-up
2005 Waking the Dead Jackie Holmes TV series
2005 Stoned Girl in Disco
2005 Kingdom of Heaven Balian's Wife
2005 The Vicar of Dibley Hetty TV series
2004 Remote Sydney Short movie


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