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"My lords, while Naval Intelligence agrees with ISB regarding the possibility of HoloNet sabotage, we feel that Deputy Director Ison is understating the importance of the evidence and the real nature of the threat."
―Vice Admiral Rancit[src]

The Naval Intelligence Agency (NIA) also called simply Naval Intelligence (NavInt) or sometimes referred to informally as Military Intelligence, was an intelligence service of the Galactic Empire.


At some point, the Naval Intelligence Agency was formed out of and made technically separate from Military Intelligence, though it was often associated with, and referred to, as Military Intelligence. The Naval Intelligence headquarters was located in Coruscant's Federal District near the Imperial Palace and the COMPNOR arcology. It was led by Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit who was supported by Vice Admiral Terrinald Screed. It would work closely with the Imperial Security Bureau and hold it's own investigations and interrogations if required. During briefings, they would often represent Military Intelligence as well and provide intelligence and analysis from the military perspective.[1]

In 14 BBY, following the conclusion of a rebel campaign, Vice Admiral Rancit was found out to be a traitor and executed by Darth Vader. The Naval Intelligence Agency as a result was folded back into Military Intelligence and Colonel Wullf Yularen of the Imperial Security Bureau was appointed to head its operations with the title of Deputy Director.[1] Yularen would remain in a high position in the NIA until his death aboard the Death Star battle station at the Battle of Yavin.[2]


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