Nazhros Oleg, a human male cadet at the Galactic Empire's Academy for Young Imperials on Lothal, was raised by two of his uncles following the death of his parents. The two originally worked as freight haulers before learning of business opportunities on Lothal and moving there.[1] During Oleg's time as a cadet, the Empire instituted a crackdown on any and all dissident activity on the planet, using the crackdown as a means of of providing its cadets with field experience. As part of this, Oleg was paired with fellow cadet Zare Leonis to follow up on Oleg's report of a warehouse that was dealing in barrels of ebla beer without the required tax stamps. Upon raiding the warehouse, Oleg was shocked to discover that his uncles were part of the warehouse's operation. He tried to shield them, but Leonis ordered their arrest and Oleg was cashiered out of Imperial service.[2]


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