Ne'Chak was a green Rodian male, who worked as a security specialist and mercenary.


Rodian henchman

One of the Rodian security guards working under Ne'Chak.

Ne'Chak was hired by the entertainment complex Bantha Traxx on Lianna to train a group of Jawas as security agents. Although reluctant and with reservations as to their ability, Ne'Chak agreed to train them as return favor to Yin Vocta. Much to Ne'Chak's surprise, the Jawas proved remarkably capable as he taught them hand-to-hand combat and weapons training.[1]

Following this, Ne'Chak was hired by the Sludir Omze'kehr Kahr as the captain of his security forces. Stationed about the converted cruiser known as Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport, Ne'Chak commanded a team of Rodian mercenaries in peace keeping duties.


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