This article is about the freighter. You may be looking for NeHimmep, a famous Duros explorer..

NeHimmep was a Starfeld Industries ZH-25 Questor freighter, named for a famous Duros explorer. Her owner, Captain Mirchidi NeMall, used it for non-smuggling trading purposes.


The ship was bought shortly before the Battle of Yavin by Mirchidi NeMall, a Duros pilot who had saved for years to buy a ship. Instead of resorting to underworld figures, NeMall used a loan from a Duros lending institution under the Duros lending tradition — which was strict enough.

NeMall christened the ship after the legendary Duros explorer NeHimmep and for two years managed to run a legitimate business on it, while at the same time paying his debts according to the schedule.

Two years after buying the ship, while transporting a cargo of rinzefruit, the NeHimmep collided with an asteroid squall that had not been charted yet. Although NeMall's insurance covered most of the repairs, the cargo was lost.

Trying to keep up with the lending institution, NeMall resorted to well-paid but highly-dangerous (and sometimes legally-questionable) runs for a year. During all that time, he never really modified the ship.