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Ne Thruska was a male Bothan pilot in the Rebellion with unparalleled skill. He was trained from an early age as a spy, as was the tradition of his race, and because of this he developed a sense of paranoia that rivaled most in the Alliance. He lived by the saying "One can't be betrayed if one has no 'people'". In line with this philosophy, he preferred missions alone, and dislikes trusting his back to anyone. As such, he preferred acting as the scout for any missions he was on, and rarely came in contact with anyone in the Rebellion, save Selnia Trigg has C.O. He was chosen to be one of the commandos on the Morrt due to his talents, as well as to teach him more about the merits of trust. On the mission to take down Consolidations Unlimited, he was tasked with flying the Morrt until Cermack Rustill contacted them to dock with the Tarnta's Fang. Upon doing this, he boarded the ship and made his way to the bridge of the ship, where he downloaded the coordinates to Consolidations Unlimiteds base on Vicerv 3. Unfortunately, before he could make it back to the Morrt, both ships crashed on the planet Darstell 4, crushing the Morrt underneath the Fang. Due to this, he and his teammates were forced to flee into the city of Symt, where they gained transport off planet and joined up once more with the Rebellion.