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This article is about the hotel on Coruscant. You may be looking for the Nebula Hotel chain of hotels.
"Hello! Anyone here?"
―Zeerid Korr entering the abandoned Nebula[src]

The Nebula was a ten-story hotel on the planet of Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic; the building was abandoned soon after the Sacking of Coruscant in 3653 BBY.


The Nebula was a ten-story hotel located near the Liston Spaceport on the galactic capital planet Coruscant. The building had turbolifts and stairs that had access to the roof.[1]


During the Sacking of Coruscant[1] in 3653 BBY,[2] many buildings on the galactic capital planet were destroyed. Although the Nebula was abandoned, it remained mostly intact, aside from losing power and suffering a few broken windows. After the Sacking, the smuggler Zeerid Korr used the Nebula to monitor the nearby Imperial-held Liston Spaceport. He climbed to the Nebula's roof to look for any starships that Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer, who he was working with, could use to leave the planet.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nebula first appeared in the novel The Old Republic: Deceived, written by Paul S. Kemp and first published on March 22, 2011.


Notes and referencesEdit

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