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The Nebulon-Q Swoop Racer, also known as the Nebulon-Q racing swoop, was a model swoop in the same Mobquet-manufactured line as the Nebulon-R Racer and the Nebulon-S Racer.


The Nebulon-Q Swoop Racer was a single seat swoop bike manufactured by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders.[1] Measuring three Imperial standard meters long, the swoop could reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour,[2] with its ion engines[3] and had a flight ceiling of 350 kilometers. The Nebulon-Q had a cargo capacity of two kilograms and was sold without weapons.[1] They sold for 5,500 credits new, and 1,050 credits used,[2] and they were available for sale throughout the galaxy although their sale was licensed.[3] It was larger than the Nebulon-R Racer.[4]

The craft was powered by Mobquet's AE318 swoop engine delivering thrust through two overcharged turbofans and featured a precise avionics suite.[4]


The Nebulon-Q Swoop Racer had a reputation for being a "muscle swoop", favored by pirates[5] swoop gangs and delinquents[3] beings throughout the Outer Rim Territories.[5] It was additionally marketed toward professional swoop racing teams.[4] Built for speed, the Nebulon-Q contained minimum safety features including a safety strap that was rarely used and steering control surfaces. It was succeeded by the Flare-S swoop.[3]

The Dark Star Hellions utilized Nebulon-Q Swoop Racers,[1] as did The Skulls, a swoop gang based in the Hook Nebula, used modified Nebulon-Q swoops that could achieve speeds of 750 kmh, had a flight ceiling of 50 meters, and were armed with a light blaster cannon.[6]


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