Necropolis was a tombworld located on the Giju Run of the Core Worlds. Serving as a burial place for beings from all over the Core, it was also the home of boneworms and cryptberries.


The planet was originally known by the name Dahrtag. However, after the planet and its surrounding system was opened up to the rest of the galaxy, the name Necropolis was coined by many visitors in reference to the Necropolitans' reverence for their dead. Over time the original name of Dahrtag was all but forgotten, remaining only on military starcharts.

At some point, General Grievous may have fought and killed a Dark Jedi there. Also, it was where Zak Arranda was killed and then reincarnated by Cornelius Evazan, as part of Borborygmus Gog's Project Starscream.


Boneworms attacking on Necropolis



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