Neeamesh Dym was the designer, engineer, and original pilot of Dusty Duck.


A Pa'lowick smuggler and pilot, he raised his daughter, Aneesa Dym, on the Smugglers' Moon, Nar Shaddaa, teaching her the trade. He built a light freighter of his own design and dubbed the gigantic jalopy Dusty Duck. Despite the ship's inability to stay in flight for long intervals, resulting in many dusty crash landings on backwater planets, Aneesa's father loved it. "Duck's not meant for flying," he said on more than one occasion. "At least not for too long."

When Aneesa was old enough, she piloted the Duck on her father's smuggling runs until a disgruntled client stabbed the old Pa'lowick in the back. With her father dead, Aneesa took Dusty Duck and traversed the galaxy to get revenge.

A bounty hunter named Rango Tel eventually caught the criminal, avenging the smuggler's honor and gaining a lifelong friend in his daughter.

Behind the scenesEdit

Neeamesh Dym was created by Hyperspace member Greg Mitchell, a.k.a. Hedec Ga, as part of his Dusty Duck backstory for the What's The Story? campaign on