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"That's the Neebray Manta, Kozzel Qwok's ship."

The Neebray Manta was a starship that was used by the Pacithhip smuggler Kozzel Qwok and his gang, during the time of the Clone Wars.


The Neebray Manta was a heavily-modified Corellian freighter. It was armed with rockets.


The Manta was present on the planet Coruscant in c. 22 BBY, when an attack was staged on the Senate Building by the bounty hunter Vogg Barakk. Following the attack, Republic forces pursued Barakk's starfighter through the the Works district of Coruscant, flushing out the Neebray Manta, which had been hidden there. The Republic had been searching for Qwok for months, suspecting him of having links to their enemy, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, so the Republic ships peeled off from their pursuit of Barakk and went after the Manta. The freighter then fired rockets on the Republic ships, so they defended themselves by firing back on the Neebray Manta. The freighter then crashed to the ground in flames, and was destroyed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Neebray Manta appeared in the Decide Your Destiny novel The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny: Crisis on Coruscant. In the book, the reader role-plays as a Jedi Padawan and has the option of ordering the Republic ships to break off from their pursuit of Barakk and attack the Manta, or alternately, ignore the freighter and continue to chase after Barakk.