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"This is only the first of our victories! We won this vote, and our mighty army will win this war!"
―Needo Farr[src]

Needo Farr was a male Rodian from Rodia who served as a member of the Legislative Youth Program during the Separatist Crisis.


In 22 BBY, Farr and his fellow trainees traveled to Chandrila's capital, Hanna City, for a simulation of the vote on the Military Creation Act, a bill that authorized the creation of a Republic army. Unlike Naboo delegate Dashé Borreno, he voted in favor of the act. The "Yes" side won by a margin of 52 to 48 percent.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Needo Farr made his first and only appearance in the HoloNet News Vol. 531 50 article Legislative Youth Program Role-Plays Vote. It was published in 2002 on the HoloNet News website.[1]


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