The Gauntlet of Neer was an arm-length Gauntlet created by a Sith Lord that came to be stored within the Vault of Justice within the Chamber of Antiquities in the Great Jedi Library of Ossus.



Created by the Sith Lord Neer as a gift to the Jedi Watchman of the Corbos system, Neer presented the gauntlet anonymously. The Gauntlet granted the bearer a sense of righteousness and a sense of justice that eventually corrupted the heart and favored a version of justice that had the permanence of death. After the Jedi Order hunted down their fallen watchman and destroyed him, they confiscated the Gauntlet and sealed it away within the Vault of Justice.[1]


The Gauntlet was crafted from metallic blue alloys and inlaid with a rectangular-cut blue gem on the back of the hand. Covering the right shoulder and arm of the wearer, a scalloped covering of the hand sealed in the fingers and palm. Removing the Gauntlet was difficult, as it was imbued with the dark side of the Force and longed to be worn.[1]


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