Neeya was a Nautolan male doctor of xenobiology. During the Cold War he was stationed on Belsavis, where he oversaw the Domination Experiments under the Project Noble Focus. During the Invasion of Belsavis of 3641 BBY Neeya fell under the influece of Rakata builders of the Belsavis prison and was subsequently captured by the Sith Empire. Now obsessed with rediscovering more of the Builders' technology, Neeya was used by Commander Vorel to lead an Imperial strike team into the Tomb. The team's mission was to retrieve the plans of the Belsavis prison so that they could recreate it. Neeya provided an Imperial volunteer with a Burba Xenowave Scanner which was used to gather the required readings. After the mission was complete, Neeya continued to be employed by the Empire for his knowledge, even though by this point was obviously possessed by a Rakatan entity.