Neic Norim was an old male Sullustan pilot and smuggler. He lost his right arm while working as a test pilot for SoroSuub Corporation and switched professions to smuggling. He proved an adept smuggler and soon had a large network of paid informants in the various Corellian spaceports. He often used the ships of unsuspecting pilots to carry contraband, alerting his contact on the destination spaceport that a shipment was about to arrive. He became a successful enough smuggler to afford a prosthetic arm, a skeletal, gray-blue model without synthflesh. Neic removed the sleeve of his combat jumpsuit to display his prosthetic prominently, feeling it boosted his image.

After a run-in with a loan shark and agents of Intra-Corellian Collections, Neic escaped and took refuge in a network of abandoned underground tunnels on Selonia.