Neimoidian communal hives were hives on Neimoidia and the Neimoidian purse worlds that young Neimoidian grubs were raised in. For the first seven years of their life, the grubs would be given access to very small amounts of food. They would be forced to hoard what food they would come across, and steal from weaker Neimoidians. By the time they left the hives at seven standard years of age, Neimoidians were greedy and fearful of death, which Neimoidian elders believed would make them able to thirve better in matters of commerce. It was in large part because of these living conditions that the Neimoidians were ingrained with the idea of obeying absolute authority (such as the Trade Federation Viceroy) and not be able to think for themselves, which was exploited by Padmé Amidala and the other Naboo during the Battle of Naboo to end the Naboo crisis by capturing Nute Gunray.

Many non-Neimoidians believed that most of the problems with the Neimoidians could be traced back to the hives.



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