"Orbital screens have been erected around Kuat's most guarded shipyards to dissuade long-range intelligence gathering. Similar sensor-baffling impediments have been erected around the space-based Neimoidian shipyards, while the distance from Republic frontlines have helped insulate Confederacy ship-producing facilities on Foerest and Sluis Van."
CIS Shadowfeed[src]

The Neimoidian shipyards were a shipyard located in orbit of the planet Neimoidia. During the Clone Wars, the shipyards was affiliated with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It became a strategic point in the conflict due to its proximity with the Republic-aligned Kuat shipyards. Both factions gathered forces in the less than six parsecs area that separated Neimoidia and Kuat and this small area of space became the site of rising tensions.[1]


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