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Nek Lawsirk was a male Zabrak Jedi Knight who served the Galactic Republic as a member of the Jedi Order during the time of the Clone Wars.


A Force-sensitive Zabrak Nek Lawsirk was trained in the ways of the Force at the Jedi Order's academy on Almas, in the Cularin system. As an Initiate there, Lawsirk became close with one of his instructors, the Master of Lightsabers Kirlocca. It was Kirlocca who would expel one of Lawsirk's fellow Initiates, Raik Muun, for violating the Order's ban on attachments. Indeed, Muun had made advances on Lawsirk, who refused her, thus leading to the woman's expulsion.[1]

After completing his Trials of Knighthood, Lawsirk graduated from the Academy and was recognized as a Jedi Knight. Remaining in the system, Lawsirk took up residence in an apartment in the city of Hedrett on Cularin, aiding the people of the city in what ever way he could. While there, Lawsirk entertained himself by renting Jedi Action holovids from Hedrett Holovid, a local holovid shop.[1]

When Lawsirk began hearing reports of supposed instances of Jedi corruption and extortion, he began to investigate this, but could not find out who was behind the rumors. At about this time, he was also asked by Kirlocca to try and mediate with the Tarasin to get them to let the Jedi study a dangerous creature they possessed, known as the t'salak. Under a pseudonym, Raik Muun contacted Lawsirk and claimed that she had some information about the Jedi attacks. He traveled to Tilnes to meet her, but she attacked and imprisoned him there. She then began to impersonate him and attacked the patrons of a cantina called The Chasm in an attempt to discredit the Jedi. Morad'Ka, a Tarasin leader attempted to contact Lawsirk, to tell him that he could collect the t'salak. Muun intercepted the message and, while disguised as Lawsirk, went and collected it herself.[1]

Muun experimented with the creature and allowed it to touch Lawsirk, putting him into a murderous uncontrollable rage. Master Kirlocca sent the Heroes of Cularin to find Lawsirk and they tracked him to Tilnes, where he attacked them. Able to subdue the tortured Zabrak, the heroes escorted him back to Almas, where Master Kirlocca attended to his wounds.[1]

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In Force Contention, the player characters are encouraged to try and capture the enraged Lawsirk unharmed. However, it is possible for them to just kill him instead.


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