"I assure you, I can sense it. And actually, I’m surprised that you cannot."
―Arca Jeth while fighting in the Hyabb-Twith Campaign.[src]

The Nelori Marauders were a well-organized group of pirates who operated during the time of the Galactic Republic, approximately four millennia before the Battle of Yavin.


Aggressive expansionEdit

Younger Arca Jeth

Jedi Master Arca Jeth.

The Marauders were originally based out of the planet Voon and, through later campaigns, would brutally subjugate the Hyabb-Twith Corridor. Once the Nelori Marauders had gained control of the shipping lanes between the neighboring planets, they occupied both Hyabb and Twith (respectively). Following these victories, the Marauders established a major base on the planet of Dachat, which allowed them to prey on any ship attempting to pass through the Hyabb-Twith Corridor, including Republic ships. It was this power-move that forced the Senate of the Old Republic to petition the Jedi Council to intervene and put a stop to the destruction wrought by the Nelori Marauders.

The Hyabb-Twith CampaignEdit

The Council dispatched several teams of Jedi Knights, including Arca Jeth, to drive the Nelori Marauders from the Hyabb-Twith Corridor. In what became known as the Hyabb-Twith Campaign the Jedi fought the Nelori Marauders and, over the course of several years, eventually pushed the Marauders out of many of their established bases in the Hyabb-Twith Corridor. Even so, the campaign saw many Jedi fall in battle, and the guerrilla conflict seemed like it would drag on for several more months. It was at this time that Arca Jeth discovered the Nelori Marauders' main base on Voon. Jeth gathered many of the Jedi assigned to him and assaulted the Marauders on Voon. Even though the Marauders discovered the Jedi's plan of attack and set an ambush, the Marauders were severely outclassed by the combined might of the Force and retreated from their main base into the surrounding countryside. At this time, a small Jedi garrison was left on Dachat and Arca Jeth left to rally more Jedi to his side. Without delay, Jeth returned to the Hyabb-Twith Corridor with his reinforcements and together they hunted down the remaining Marauders, permanently destroying the remaining Nelori threat.