The Nembus Sector campaign was a military campaign made by the Galactic Empire to subjugate planets in the Nembus sector, during the early years of the Imperial Period.


Early in the Imperial Period, the volatile Nembus sector was noted as being a hotbed for both Rebel and pirate activity.[1]

The campaignEdit

Some time before the Battle of Yavin it was subjected to an major military campaign by the Galactic Empire. Beilert Valance's stormtrooper legion was assigned to the local Sector Group which fought against those threats in the sector.[1] The violence of the Galactic Civil War and notably the Nembus campaign had for consequences the increasing of the firepower of the Imperial Army. Although the rearming effort was sporadic in the galaxy, most of the squads involved in the Nembus Sector campaign were given a light repeating blaster.[3]

Known battlesEdit


With the campaign dying down, Valance's legion was transferred to nearby Kwymar sector, where it participated in the Kwymar Suppressions.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

A conflict in the Nembus sector was first mentioned in the Imperial Sourcebook. The Nembus Sector campaign was expanded in the miniature scenarios The Hunt Within: Valance's Tale by author Jason Fry who also named the campaign. A battle from Heroes & Rogues was retconed as part of the campaign.[4]


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