Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers

Neo-Crusader Shock Trooper during the Mandalorian Wars.

Neo-Crusader Shock Troopers were a type of military unit utilized by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders during the Mandalorian Wars. They were equipped with a unique type of Neo-Crusader armor which was more heavily standardized than most early Mandalorian armor types. They had their own hierarchy, reporting ultimately to Cassus Fett, who saw that they had the best equipment available from the War Forges.


As the population of Neo-Crusaders increased, Mandalore the Ultimate approved new armor packages for special purposes. Shock troopers were one of the early "special varieties" of Neo-Crusaders, making their first appearance to the Republic forces during the boarding of the Courageous after the Battle of Serroco. Typically Neo-Crusaders won positions as shock troopers by impressing their Rally Masters. They specialized in incursions where the nature of the battlefield was unknown, such as underground tunnels, spacecraft, and congested urban areas. The Neo shock armor package was hardened for extensive extravehicular activity, allowing a full 24 hours in space without recharge.

Following the Battle of Myrkr a set of their armor was recovered and sent to Republic Intelligence.



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