"Ah! It is a pleasure to see you finally. I have heard good things of you from my friends on Cularin. I am very sorry about all this... confusion, but we are currently having a serious problem."
―Nestin Thokor, to the Heroes of Cularin[src]

Comptroller Nestin Thokor was a male Human who served as the leader of the city Oluna Biqua on the planet of Genarius during the time of the Clone Wars. In about 21 BBY, the gas Trinex-M was inadvertently dispersed in Oluna Biqua by the Metatheran Cartel and the substance gave the city's inhabitants the ability to use the Force. However, the people of Oluna Biqua were driven mad by their new abilities and the city quickly descended into chaos. Thokor as able to avoid exposure to the gas and when the Heroes of Cularin—a group of freelance agents that operated in the Cularin system—traveled to Oluna Biqua while on vacation, Thokor sent the Cerean Ti-Ori Tamun to escort the agents to his office. Once the agents had arrived, Thokor greeted them and requested that they recover a sample of the gas from its original source, so that his science droid, I2-1A, could attempt to develop a cure. The agents eventually obtained a sample of the gas and brought it to Thokor, and I2-1A soon developed a cure. Thokor then ordered I2 to flush the antidote throughout the city's air circulator and within a few days, Oluna Biqua had returned to normal. To thank the Heroes of Cularin for their efforts, Thokor made Oluna Biqua's best cuisines available to the agents.

Personality and traitsEdit

Thokor was slightly overweight, and he had carefully-trimmed black hair and green-colored eyes.