Sergeant Nethius was Darknon Station's customs official and security guard.


Sergeant Nethius 2

Nethius was Darknon Station's only security guard.

Nethius was also an Imperial spy sent to Darknon Station to monitor spacer traffic and alert Imperial authorities of any suspicious visitors or activity. He was trained as a soldier and special operative but hid his true intentions well.

Nethius protected the location of a secret Imperial research station deep within the Itani Nebula. Imperial patrol starships occasionally dropped supplies to the Darknon Station and proceeded to the Itani Nebula. Nethius had a friendly demeanor which he used to make casual queries to spacers. In doing so he intended to discover their true intentions and find out whether they posed any threat to the research station.


Imperial research station

The Imperial research station hidden in the Itani Nebula that Nethius protected the location of.

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