Network Access was a vital hub of the HoloNet located on the planet of Nar Shaddaa by the time of the Cold War, which itself was considered the technological heart of the galaxy. It governed all HoloNet operations on Nar Shaddaa and much of Hutt Space with billions of transactions along with communications being processed each second by the computer systems. This ensured the proper functioning of communications throughout the sector and Network Access boasted the galaxy's most state-of-the-art security protocols which made it the ultimate challenge for any enterprising slicers.[1]

Both the wealthy and powerful paid a good amount of credits for information pirates to break into Network Access in order to recover data, redirect communications or simply alter the truth. Thus, it was considered one of the most heavily-guarded locations on Nar Shaddaa with anyone managing to infiltrate its inner workings earning the status of a legend.[1]



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