The neural control collar was produced by Cybersoft Corp. as a restraint and subjugation device.

Originally designed to control large and dangerous beasts, the neural control collar worked by taking over the wearers voluntary muscle control by overriding the central nervous system with high intensity pulses. While the wearer was otherwise conscious and aware of its surroundings, the collar was capable of compelling the wearer to perform simple commands against its will. While the wearer was capable of trying to resist the collars compulsions by trying to move their muscles against commands, depending on the physical strength of the sentient success varied widely - with the collar being designed for large and dangerous animals, strength had to be proportionately large to resist. Should the wearer try and resist the collars compulsion, successful or not, the collar was capable of inflicting incredible pain on the wearers nervous system through the same control impulses. While originally designed for large and dangerous animals, the collar was able to be used on anything with a nervous system - making droids and more exotic lifeforms immune to its effects. Because of its potential for abuse and enslaving, the collar has been outlawed in many systems - especially the Core Worlds.

Commonly the collar consisted of two pieces, the first being being an armored control collar power by a power cell, which locked in place via a six digit mechanical combination lock (though the lock could be modified or switched out with any variety of other locking mechanisms). The second piece was a control unit, which could come in wrist, central computer, or droid modification form. This computer had enough memory to store up to four hundred words worth of common commands, such as "Do not try and remove this collar." The computer unit was capable of controlling up to fifty units simultaneously, with a safety range of five kilometers - if a collar moved outside of this range, the collar would automatically return the wearer to a closer distance and inflict heavy pain on the wearer.


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