Neuro-Shock Hand

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Neuro-Shock Hand
Neuro-Shock Hand
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BioTech Industries

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Rebellion era

The Neuro-Shock Hand, manufactured by BioTech Industries, was a prosthetic limb that could be attached to either an organic, or cybernetic arm.

Due to the mechanical servomotors used in its construction, it multiplied the hand's strength exponentially, making it more than capable of crushing bone and rock alike. The hand's defining characteristic, however, were the series of miniature repulsorfield generators set into its palm and joints. When activated by a flexing motion, the fields would activate and emit a fully-powered, short-range repulsor field, allowing the cyborg to push opponents away from their person, increase the power of their strikes in hand-to-hand combat, or even manipulate the fields to catch and parry blades, in a manner similar to a Repulse-hand.

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