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The neuronic whip was a particularly cruel creation of TholCorp, the purpose of which was to send powerful electrical charges into a being's nerve cells. It was a long, flexible cable, connected to a power pack in a handle that delivered a stunning jolt on contact. Unlike a typical leather whip, the heavy cable could crack bones and break flesh, although death was an extremely unlikely outcome.[2] It was capable of causing a great deal of pain and trauma.

The neuronic whips were very popular amongst slavers.[2] They were extensively used by the Mytaranor Slaving Council after their leader Talas Piran found a cache of them on a hidden compartment of the recently acquired ship, the Vanquisher.[3] The neuronic whips were also used by Imperial Dungeoneers.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Neuronic whips were originally used extensively in The Foundation Series, and Empire series, two series of science-fiction novels written by Isaac Asimov from which many Star Wars concepts were taken.



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