"The Empire has a prototype weapon called the Neutralizer which puts out an energy field that disables all standard-issue Republic weaponry."
""Disables"? Half of our guns exploded."
―Major Garik and Captain Dealk[src]

The Neutralizer was an experimental device that was created by the Sith Empire by the time of the Cold War. These tower shaped machines generated an unknown energy field that caused disruptions in standard-issue weaponry that caused them to cease to function. In some cases, the effects of the Neutralizer were known to cause weapons and other equipment to explode in the hands of their users. Such an effect thus deprived potential enemies of their weaponry though more advanced equipment was capable of ignoring the effects of the device.

In the Cold War, the Sith Empire deployed a prototype Neutralizer on Balmorra that greatly affected the Galactic Republic during the fighting for the world. As a result, members of the Republic Military tasked a spacer with the destruction of the device.


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