"Nevis Kitt, CorSec. Uh, sorry about that misunderstanding..."
―Nevis Kitt[src]

Nevis Kitt was a male Corellian living during the Galactic War. A captain in the Corellian Security Force, he responded to the Imperial invasion on his homeworld by rallying forces and organizing a resistance. During the erupting Battle of Corellia Nevis was fooled by an undercover Imperial Intelligence agent Darmas Pollaran to blow a wall in the strategically important Supply Tuner 26 that led from the Blastfield Shipyards into the Red Light Sector. Nevis Kitt and other resistance fighters have gathered in the tunnel and were listen to Pollaran's speech in preparation for detonating the charges when a smuggler known as Voidhound interrupted the gathering. Pollaran tried to frame the newcomer as the agent of the Voidwolf, but was revealed as an Imperial himself instead and send battle droids against the resistance while escaping in confusion. When the Galactic Republic forces led by Jedi Master Sumalee arrived and dispatched the droids, Nevis Kitt identified them as coming from Councilor Caicos's droid factory, now serving as a makeshift medical center. The resistance had an undercover Doctor Shi Bata stationed there and Nevis Kitt contacted him to expect the Voidhound and arrange him the way inside.