New Apsolon was the capital city of the planet New Apsolon. The city stretched several kilometers and consisted of two sectors, the Worker sector and the Civilized sector.


For years the Worker sector and the Civilized sector were divided by an energy wall. The Civilized held all the power and the Absolutes, the secret police, enforced the rules harshly. The Workers rose up against the unfair division of power and in 47 BBY a bloodless revolution took place and the energy wall was taken down. For the first time elections were held and a Worker, Ewane was voted into power. In the second elections he was re-elected, but shortly after he was murdered. He was succeeded by his close friend Roan.

Six years after the revolution unrest was again growing again. Many citizens believed that Roan had been behind Ewane's murder, the Absolutes were gaining power again and when the twin daughters of Ewane, and later adopted by Roan, were kidnapped and Roan attempted to retrieve them he was killed. Balog, Roan's head of security, was behind the murder and had also kidnapped the Jedi Tahl. Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi pursued Balog to the country side.



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