This article is about the Imperial Guard under the New Empire. You may be looking for their counterparts in the original Sith Empire or other organizations.

The New Imperial Guard was a group of elite Force-sensitives that served as the personal guard of Darth Malgus, the Emperor of the New Empire. Led by the Chagrian Chondrus Berani, the New Guard welcomed aliens into their ranks and wielded lightsabers and electrostaffs into battle while wearing their crimson and black armor. The New Guard fought to defend their master during the Battle of Ilum when an enemy strike force boarded the Emperor's Fortress, but Berani and many Guardsmen were killed before the strike force reached the throne room. Malgus dismissed the Guard so that he could battle his opponents alone, and the New Empire collapsed with the destruction of the space station and Malgus' apparent death.[1]


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